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My Favorite Protein Bar

My favorite bar cannot be purchased at the store but made in your own kitchen! these oatmeal peanut butter protein bars are nourishing and satiating without added preservatives, gums, or fillers!

Healing with BPC-157

Can peptides support your journey to healing? Read about my experience with BPC-157

doctors say i'm the illest.

It takes work to thrive with a chronic illness. Trust me, I know. We're in this together, join me! 

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Fighting IBD - a day at a time

I’m a chronic illness patient, certified yoga teacher and certified nutrition coach thriving in a modern world. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2015 and have spent the past 8 years treating my illness with a combination of western and naturopathic medicine. My goal is to connect with others to harness our collective wisdom as CHRONICALLY WILLED warriors!

Top Ulcerative Colitis Instagrammer

“Kelly shares what it’s like to live day-to-day with UC. Follow this yoga teacher and foodie for inspirational content and advice.”

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Managing a chronic illness can take more than medication. Browse my recent blog posts for holistic content like yoga, meditation, nutrition and food tips!

A Chronically Willed Life

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