Healing with BPC-157

Peptides have become all the rage in recent years but they’re not a new discovery in the scientific community.

What is a peptide? A peptide is a molecule of two or more amino acids bonded together. Peptides form proteins, which make up our body tissues and are our body’s building blocks. 

According to Examine.com,  Pentadecapeptide BPC-157 (or Body Protective Compound 157) is derived from a protein found in the stomach. It is a string of 15 specific amino acids and can be recreated pharmaceutically by certified compounding pharmacies. Ingestion or injection of BPC-157 is suspected of enhancing the repair of damaged tissues, although there is currently no human evidence to support this. You can click here to see a bevy of research information regarding BPC-157.

All of the current research conducted on BPC is rat or animal model so please understand there isn’t any direct data for humans. However, we do have what Dr. Andrew Hubman calls “Anecdata” to support the concept that BPC-157 has been helping people around the world heal their gastrointestinal tract, tendons and ligaments, as well as support neurological health through the recovery of traumatic brain injury.

Some of the purported benefits of BPC-157 include:

  • Enhanced and accelerated wound healing (connective tissue such as ligaments, tendons, spinal cord, nervous system)
  • Improved digestive function and healing of gastrointestinal tissues
  • Decreased pain and inflammation
  • Enhancement of growth hormone receptors

BPC can be taken in topical, oral, or injected form (both subcutaneous and intramuscular). It has been used for quite some time in an underground fashion in bodybuilding circles and is aptly nicknamed “The Wolverine Peptide” due to its (again purported) ability to accelerate healing.

In April of 2023 I had a laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy, removing my cervix (which had precancerous cells) and my fallopian tubes. I had also been battling some tendonitis in my right peroneal and posterior tibial tendon OH and I have Ulcerative Colitis. My naturopath suggested I take a course of BPC-157 since the timing was perfect with my procedure and ongoing issues.

A friend of mine works for a Peptide Therapy Clinic, Practical Peptides, and was able to work with my naturopath’s prescription to order BPC-157 from a LEGITIMATE compounding pharmacy. Let me tell you, this is important. There are all sorts of shady websites selling research peptides that you have to mix yourself with bacteriostatic water and there are chances you might not even have a pure form of BPC. Buyer beware. Most naturopathic and regular MDs will order from a third party tested, legitimate pharmacy and it will cost more than what you might see on some websites that sell direct to consumer.

I began taking BPC in May 2023 on a very small (150 mcg) dose for approximately a month. I immediately felt surgical wound sensitivity improved and my sleep was amazing. My foot was still a little angry but it was improving. My gut felt wonderful but I have been in remission for a few years so there was not much inflammation there. I decided to stop my 1 pill daily Mesalamine and see how things went and no issues! Woo! Ok, let’s keep going!

After speaking to a friend who is a medical doctor that works with peptides, I ordered a second round of BPC that I would take at a larger (250-300 mcg) dose for a smaller window of time. After 20 days on the improved dosage my tendon inflammation has GREATLY improved and I am still off my medication. WIN!

It is often recommended to cycle BPC as BPC stimulates angiogensis, aka, the formation of new blood vessels. If you have any type of cancer it’s also not recommended as it could increase blood flow and growth to malignant tissues.

I’m still in the early phases of my experience but I am considering doing another round later in the fall after my colonoscopy this year as a way to heal any residual inflammation from the procedure (and the prep haha). 

Is BPC for you? Well, that’s a question best discussed with your physician or your naturopathic medicine provider. I will say that most primary care providers are not very knowledgeable on the topic.

Have you used peptides or are curious about BPC-157? Let me know!

P.S. If you’re having trouble finding a provider that will discuss this with you, I really recommend Practical Peptides, they have a physician on staff and will walk through your medical history to determine if this is the right journey for you. You can use code “CW15” to receive a 10% discount on their website. 

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