Einkorn Flour - A Gluten Free Gal's Dream

I’ve been eating gluten free for about nine years and have seen it all. From the early days of coconut flour to trying my own blends with tapioca, oats, and almond flour, my baking heart never quite found a solution that worked well for both my gut and a desirable end product. 

Recently I discovered that tapioca flour (aka Cassava or arrowroot flour) was causing bloating and gas for me so I went on hunt for yet another gluten friendly flour. Enter EINKORN!


Somehow the Whole Foods shopping app knew I would be intrigued by Einkorn and being the sucker that I am I added it to cart.


Upon further research I learned that Einkorn is:

  • An ancient form of wheat grown in Italy
  • A crop that has never been hybridized
  • Lower in gluten index, and
  • Higher in protein while being lower in carbs and starch

Turns out many gluten sensitive folks have been enjoying einkorn for decades and I JUST NOW found out about it in 2023?! (Mind you if you are celiac it is not recommended as there are trace amounts of gluten in the flour).


“Einkorn wholemeal is poor in dietary fiber but rich in proteins, lipids (mostly unsaturated fatty acids), fructans and trace elements (including zinc and iron). The good concentration of several antioxidant compounds (carotenoids, tocols, conjugated polyphenols, alkylresorcinols and phytosterols) and low β-amylase and lipoxygenase activities (which limit antioxidant degradation during food processing) contribute to the excellent nutritional properties of its flour, superior to those of other wheats. Conversely, einkorn has relatively low bound polyphenol content and high polyphenol oxidase activity.” Alyssa Hidalgo 1, Andrea Brandolini


I purchased a bag of Jovial Foods Organic Einkorn All Purpose Flour and decided to try my hand at some homemade bagels. Shockingly, my gut didn’t react AND I had a kitchen full of yummy, delicious bagels to slather in dairy free cream cheese!


This also proves a point to be shared that AS WE HEAL the microbiome and our gut, foods we never thought possible might be possible. I am not certain my body could handle Einkorn in a deep flare so you may want to exercise caution. However, just because a food isn’t for you NOW doesn’t mean it isn’t for you EVER. Part of healing means reconditioning our bodies to new foods in very small doses.


I usually bake with Einkorn 1-3 times a month, depending on my mood. I still eat gluten free oats and use almond flour for most of my day to day cooking. I have used Einkorn for pizza crust, bagels, pancakes, biscuits, and cookies.


My favorite source of Einkorn is Jovial Foods. Everything they make is absolutely lovely and their website has the best recipes for Einkorn flour! 


A few of my favorite recipes to use with Einkorn flour are:


New York Style Bagels by Sophisticated Gourmet

Einkorn Honey Biscuits by Jovial Foods

Einkorn Pizza Crust


Have you tried Einkorn flour? Did it work for your body and did you enjoy it?

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