I posted this in 2017 and wanted to revamp it in time for the holidays!

I’ve really been spending time reflecting on how my disease affects my personal outlook on the holidays. To be honest, I’m not a gift person. I’m just not into getting “things” and would rather not receive anything than something I feel bad about not using. But since gifts are inevitable it got me thinking about are what the best gifts to give to an IBDer that they can actually use.

Since you can’t purchase a cure here are some useful items that I think any IBD warrior would truly appreciate. And if you’ve got suggestions throw ‘em in the comments!

Holiday Gift Ideas

  1. Gift cards for our favorite grocery stores. Let’s face it, our disease requires lots of modified diets, special supplements and expensive medications and treatments. A little help with our grocery expense actually goes a long way. Also, gift cards for grocery stores can ALSO pay for medications at the pharmacy at that same store.
  2. Gift certificate for house cleaning services. I can hardly keep up on my own housekeeping when I’m in remission. When I’m flaring, good luck on getting all of the laundry folded!
  3. A apa day or a massage, manicure or other treatment. Hey, we forget to #selfcare and often can’t afford these luxuries since we’re forking out major dough for meds!
  4. Spend a day with us doing something to get our minds off our disease! A hike or a walk, a movie date or movie night at home, a museum visit or anyplace where we can spend quality time with you and feel loved. ❤️
  5. iTunes or other streaming service gift cards. We may be spending lots of time at home, sick and resting. A lil comedy on iTunes can help make the day a bit better.
  6. Homemade items like knitted scarfs, handmade arts, crafts or other items that let us know you’re thinking of us. Some of my favorite gifts are the ones that someone spent their time and talent creating for me.
  7. Amazon Prime membership. Sick or not, who has time to shop? And it comes with a nice streaming service so it’s like two gifts in one!
  8. Just be there. Let us know you care. Check in, text, call, DM and be a shoulder to cry on… an ear for us to vent to… because there will be days when it’s too much. Bonus points if you learn a little about our disease and how it effects us.
  9. What are your ideas!?!? I’d love to hear them!!